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May 26, 2011 at 11:09 am Leave a comment

“What we need are legitimate virtual lab products supported by companies like Cisco and Juniper offered directly to individuals.”
     – Jeremy Stretch, Network Engineer

A recent article described how Cisco and Juniper can’t meet the needs of network engineers when it comes to accessing infrastructure for test & development outside of production environments.

The problem stems from the hardware-bound nature of the vendors’ business models.  They can’t let the software escape into the wild; otherwise how will they make money?  Genies that have escaped the bottle are difficult to put back in.

This is one of the beauties of Vyatta.  We’re a software company.  We radically encourage network engineers to download our software for test & dev, experimentation, even learning.  We also have world-class documentation and online training courses.

Vyatta provides freedom that no other networking vendor can offer.  Build your virtualized network model in your own lab, not in some temporary shared space in a vendor’s datacenter.  Do it at your own pace, not based on time-outs enforced by the vendor’s lab.  Do it for free, not for some usage-based fee model that the vendor so happily offers.

As I write this we’re nearing our millionth-download mark.  We have Fortune500 customers now creating commercial relationships with Vyatta because the next-gen architectures they designed – in the freedom of their own environments – are ready to go operational now.

Our fundamental philosophy remains unchanged:  People are smart.  We just need to give them the tools and the freedom.  Better solutions are the result.


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