next-NEXT-Gen Networking

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“What if I stepped outside and got blown away?”
I Never Saw It Coming, by rock band Hoobastank

From the time Vyatta launched it was easy to say that we were bringing next-gen network infrastructure to an old market.  The proof point?  Intel economics instead of slow, proprietary hardware.  All that was needed was a serious network OS… and that’s where Vyatta came in four years ago.

The customers who bet on Vyatta’s argument have clearly come out as winners.  Vyatta on Intel has improved 100X in performance in only four years — at essentially the same cost.  And we just moved the needle again with the launch of our new line of physical appliances.  If you’re wondering how this pace of advancement is possible,  just ask Intel’s manager of routing & switching “Packet processing performance on Intel® architecture has improved with recent architectural improvements and software optimizations. Software-based networking solutions like Vyatta are an excellent example of the type of networking services that Intel’s next generation multi-core technology is enabling.”   (Yes, that’s right — Intel has people focused on networking, and has for the past few years.)

But we’re not ones to stand still; while Intel marched Vyatta relentlessly forward, we focused on the next-NEXT-generation of networking.  It started with delivering our enterprise-class networking solution as a virtual appliance, then advanced to an innovative remote API to control the VMs, and then — the coup d’grace — offering it on a usage-based pricing model.

It’s technology differentiation AND business differentiation wrapped in one.  And that comes out to simple superiority.  The result is Vyatta’s rapidly accelerated adoption in cloud environments.

Vyatta customers are doing things they can’t otherwise.  Listen to L3 Networks: “With Vyatta, we can run dedicated firewalls mapped to virtual routing and forwarding instances within our hosted environment to provide each customer with their own private security instance.”  Vyatta customers also have more profitable businesses by avoiding high up-front equipment costs and instead paying based on usage.  Listen to the CEO of Cloud Central: “Vyatta provides CloudCentral with a comprehensive cloud network security solution and their licensing model provides the flexibility we need to build our business.”

It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it?  Intel economics & performance… virtualization… operational usage by cloud providers…

But it’s simple:  On Demand Networking is finally here, and Vyatta enables it.

The adoption is happening fast, and on a large scale.  Listen to the CTO of Carpathia Hosting, a top-20 cloud provider who recently launched their On Demand services powered by Vyatta... there is a ton of wisdom to be found in Jon’s interview.


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