Carpathia Pushes Vyatta Start Button for Cloud Security

February 14, 2011 at 10:46 am 1 comment

“Those with no imagination have no wings.”
– Boxing great Muhammad Ali

As a kid we used to try to fool each other with the trick question, “What weighs more:  A ton of rocks, or a ton of feathers?”  Now here’s a non-trick for cloud providers:  “What weighs more:  Big unwieldy network gear, or the same functions delivered by software on demand?”

Carpathia Hosting, one of the world’s leading cloud providers and provider of the InstantOnTM cloud service, knows the answer

I recall the first time Jon Greaves, Carpathia’s CTO, visited Vyatta.  It was clear that they were working aggressively to leverage the next generation of technology to better align their infrastructure with their business objectives.  Using Vyatta as an on-demand alternative to traditional networking solutions helps get them there.  After decades of assuming every network service required a physical device, Carpathia took the logical leap that said, “Oh no it doesn’t.”  And with that leap they gain business advantage.

Vyatta provides network and security functionality for Carpathia’s enterprise and federal customers in a highly leveraged way:

  • Auto-Provision:  Instant creation and configuration of a new Vyatta  virtual machine at the time it’s needed.
  • Per-Customer:  No need to share expensive proprietary devices; each customer gets their own VM for customized security policies
  • Usage-Based Pricing:  Turns infrastructure from CapEx to OpEx, matching Carpathia’s revenue stream per customer.

On-demand networking naturally follows on-demand compute and on-demand storage.  It requires software-based solutions, APIs, and vendor business models that match the new requirement.

We’ve said before that 2011 is the year network virtualization goes mainstream.  Carpathia is a leading-edge example.  And with this lightness comes the nimbleness for Carpathia to do as Muhammad Ali used to say:  “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

On-demand networking. It’s on.


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