Vyatta “Best of Show” at VMWorld

October 29, 2010 at 11:59 am Leave a comment

“There are no longer any discussions about whether virtualisation should be done.  It’s more like, ‘How much can we do?'”
– Virtualization expert Gabrie van Zanten

I was asked recently to provide an IT prediction for 2011.  My answer was “software-based networking goes mainstream,” arguing that in 2010 nearly a dozen different networking virtual machines have come to market… and that’s given customers enough time to think about how they want to use them.  Therefore 2011 is when those projects will go operational, big-time.

Here’s a good example of how people keep thinking of new and better designs:  a Best Of Show winner at VMWorld Europe built an innovative solution using a Vyatta VM.  The Vyatta Community remains at the heart of this innovative drive.  With over a quarter million registered members, it’s unstoppable.  Last month alone there were over 10,000 downloads of the VM version of Vyatta Core.

One can only imagine how many other solution examples are running in labs and operational networks around the world.  Very soon we’ll issue a press release on an exciting global network using Vyatta VMs, and will be announcing a close VM-based partnership with a large IT vendor as well.  The more of these pieces of news that get out, the greater the pace of adoption will grow.

On that note, if VM-based networking is picking up speed then the growth rate of of proprietary product shipments should naturally fall off.  A recent discussion with an industry analyst who tracks unit shipments did note to us that unit volumes in the midrange router space fell ~20% over the past couple of years, down to ~1.5M units.  After he told us that, he said “Wait a minute… tell me what your download rates are again?”  In his mind he filled in the missing unit volumes with Vyatta downloads.  How exact that might be is hard to say, but directionally it seems right.

I’ve said it before in this blog:  This is getting really, really fun 🙂


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