Vyatta Network OS – Officially Everywhere

September 29, 2010 at 2:34 pm 1 comment

“Revolutions never go backward.”
– Wendell Phillips, American Abolitionist

If you are among the quarter million registered members of the Vyatta Community, you recognize the freedom of participating in an Internet-based “alternative universe” that is so different from the traditional vendor-controlled model of an industry.  And you likely realize that this universe is not an elite club limited to only certain people or companies; anyone from any organization anywhere can participate.

Including the largest companies in the world.  As of today, 45% of the Fortune500 have downloaded Vyatta and formally registered as members of the Vyatta User Community.

I don’t know whether to call it “revolution” or “inevitability;” perhaps that’s a distinction without a difference.  The freedom inherent to Vyatta’s model is bound to be exploited everywhere — ranging company types as well as geographies.

Vyatta’s geographic adoption is, in fact, fairly worldwide.  The following image captures the concentration of live Vyatta networks.  (This is a relative image; there are many tens of thousands of live Vyatta systems today.  I know of one MSP alone who has 7,000 units deployed.)

And the future of Vyatta deployments is highly forecastable based on where today’s traffic to Vyatta.com is originating from.  Today’s visitors become tomorrow’s deployers.  Here’s our traffic profile from the last 90 days:

Vyatta networks are happening everywhere, people.  And they are being planned in far more force than they are already deployed.  It’s a snowball effect, and it includes practically every type of organization:  ISPs, Enterprises, MSPs, Telecom Providers, Governments, Educational Institutions, Defense Organizations…  everything from SMB to Fortune 500.

In just four years Vyatta has gone from a curiosity to a global reality.  Only four years.  Maybe that’s a revolution.

Or maybe it was just inevitable.


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  • 1. Daniil Baturin  |  September 29, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    Looks very impressive. Probably one of lonely points deep in asian part of Russia is me.
    What technique was used to collect statistics about live Vyatta networks, by the way? NTP, I assume?


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