The Vyatta Tornado

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“Futureshock:  The dizzying disorientation caused by the premature arrival of the future.”
Alvin Toffler

When you look at all of the energy around Vyatta’s just-announced Version 6.1, it’s clear that the industry support has gone mainstream.  Quickly.

Someone asked me the other day how Vyatta has experienced such explosive growth in a short period of time, especially given Cisco’s extensive power over the market.  The answer is simple:  We leapfrogged a vendor-structured industry model by leveraging an Internet-structured model. Everything lies in that distinction.  Internet-based software distribution, a self-organizing community… these are the key ingredients for innovation — not just by Vyatta, but by the users of Vyatta.  People are smart. Vyatta’s business model gives them the freedom to explore, experiment, and ultimately innovate their network architectures.

And when people experience that kind of freedom, the movement explodes in power and global reach.

Here’s a rollup of some key data points that quantify Vyatta’s momentum.  Let’s begin with a history of the major releases of the Vyatta network OS, and how that has coincided with its rate of download and growth in registered Vyatta Community members:

We’ll exit this year with about 750K downloads, and we can now predict with a fair degree of accuracy when the Vyatta movement will reach 1 million downloads and half a million community members.

As our penetration has grown, so has the base product performance. Here’s an overlay of how the performance of Vyatta has rapidly escalated, driven largely by Intel’s intense R&D drive on packet processing:

What other networking company can claim that their performance has increased by 100X — that’s 10,000% — over the past 4 years?  And it’s not stopping any time soon; through our partnership with Intel we have a clear view of how this will continue to drive upward, quickly.

Finally, and crucially, we have to measure the extraordinary leverage of the development model that Vyatta uses.  Open-source development models make proprietary models look like they’re standing still by comparison.  The Vyatta network OS is built from the careful integration of multiple independent open-source projects (as is Red Hat).  Here’s how that integration has accelerated:

Since each package can introduce a large number of features, the Vyatta OS has been progressing at an astounding pace compared to the proprietary software development model.  Today from the Vyatta CLI there are over 6,000 configuration and operational commands available. (I must confess to having killed a tree recently; I printed out the Vyatta User’s Manual.  As it turns out, it takes four large binders to house 3,000 pages of expertly-written documentation.)

So there you have it.  Vyatta’s Version 6.l was just launched, with even more enterprise-class and cloud-focused functionality.  Large IT vendors are openly praising it.  But the real story is the explosive growth — of the product, the performance, the people and the penetration. The network industry has never seen anything like it.




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